Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and Mouse


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The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo is specially made to handle extended working hours with minimal physical strain.

Key Features
  • The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo has a split keyboard layout and a cushioned palm rest to provide a comfortable position for your forearms and wrists while you type.
  • Featuring a reverse-tilt body, the Sculpt desktop combo’s keyboard is at the ideal angle to keep your wrist flat.
  • The keyboard and mouse combo has a separate number pad to maintain its comfortable layout.
  • The Sculpt Desktop combo’s mouse is contoured for a snug yet comfortable grip.

Built on advanced ergonomic design
Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is built on advanced ergonomic principles, with a split keyboard layout that keeps wrists and forearms in a relaxed position, and a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support. The domed keyboard shape works to reduce and correct wrist pronation that can cause pain and limited mobility.

True comfort for lasting productivity
Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is designed for productivity, with an eye on ergonomic excellence. By providing a relaxed, comfortable computing experience, it enables you to work without the stress, strain, and discomfort of other keyboards and mice you may have used in the past.

It’s all in the angles
The natural arc keyboard layout follows the curve of your fingertips for a more natural way of typing. Reverse tilt design positions the keyboard at the correct angle to give you a straight, neutral wrist position. Additionally, the shape of the mouse is designed for maximum wrist comfort. Plus its Windows button provides one-touch access to the Windows Start Menu.


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