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  • Acti Table

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    Acti Tables have a strong steel substructure and solid oak legs. White painted tops add to the Scandinavian “look” of the tables.

  • Cubit

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    The fine, minimalistic lines of the Cubit Workstation system creates an air of openness and collaboration which will help drive productivity in the office environment.

  • Geo Electric Desk

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    The Geo Electric Desk new and improved design features a two-level return, and signature Geo lines, making it the fully ergonomic sit/ stand desk.

  • Livan

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    Livan desking system is perfect for any office setting. Has a modern and contemporary look. The worktop finish comes in white or new oak.

  • Mesa Office Desk

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    The Mesa 57, a meticulously crafted mid-century yet modern desk that’s not only a stylish addition to your workspace but also a functional hub for modern living. Handcrafted from solid wood, Mesa 57 exudes timeless elegance. Its sleek design effortlessly complements any decor, making it a focal point of your office or living space. Made…

  • Roma (Buro)

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    The Buro Roma chair’s exceptionally comfortable seat and supportive back (available in both highback and midback options) more than match its modern good looks. Its many seats and back position adjustments enable the user the ultimate office seating experience.

    Buro Roma is displayed in our showroom, visit us, try it, and find out all its benefits. 

  • Skon D20 Sit Stand Desk

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    The Skon D20 Sit Stand Desk is a revolution in sit stand technology. With a centrally positioned motor powering both legs, the D20 achieves a balance power/force output that has not been possible with a single motor desk up to now. The magic happens in the beam that connects the 2 legs, and sits attached to the bottom of the desktop, making it virtually invisible. The Skon D20 achieves a massive 160kg lift capacity, and is one of the quietest and smoothest sit stand tables on the market. Desk frame made in Denmark, Tops made in Australia. Quality is guaranteed with a 5 year  manufacturer warranty.