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  • Ergo Bubble Mat

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    The Ergo Bubble Mat is an anti fatigue mat for you to stand on while working at your desk. By redistributing pressure on your feet, the Ergo Bubble Mat reduces pressure on the feet, improves movement and circulation.

  • ESA Anti Fatigue Mat

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    The ESA anti-fatigue standing mat is a good choice for reducing fatigue that comes from standing on hard surfaces. The beveled edge prevents tripping injury and larger size provides you with more comfortable space. Give yourself and your staff – all-day comfort with an anti-fatigue mat right now!

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  • Steppie

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    The perfect companion for sit/stand solutions

    Standing for extended periods can be very tiring.

    Steppie is a balance board that enables users to stand at a sit/stand solution more comfortably by encouraging minimal movement, which is less tiring than standing still.

  • Topo

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    Topo is a meticulously designed mat that has been created specifically with standing desk users in mind.

    Topo activates static standers.

  • Cable-Butler

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    Need a hand to keep cables tidy? moll has your back.

    The cable butler fights against the cable tangle on the desk. The cable butler is clamped to the tabletop and ensures that the cable mess is a thing of the past and order on the desk.

    With 4 slots for charge cables, laptop and av cables, the cable clutter will be a thing of the past.