Contour Forearm Support


The contour universal forearm support provides fantastic support for anyone who is experiencing shoulder and arm pain while using a keyboard and mouse.




Dual support

The symmetric design accommodates both right- and left-handed individuals, with the arm supports on both sides providing the same degree of support.


A thick layer of foam offers excellent support while still providing a very comfortable level of cushioning and the rounded edges ensure that there are no sharp edges or pressure points.

The supple, imitation leather cover offers minimal resistance when arms are moved across the surface.

Easy install

The Universal ArmSupport is equipped with brackets and hand-tightened wing bolts that secure the ArmSupport in place without any drilling or modification to the mounting surface.

Adjustable attachment depth

The clamping system offers a range of 19mm, with attachment possible to desks with thickness of 25mm – 44mm.

Easy to clean

The leatherette surface can easily be wiped down as required.


Width 610mm
Depth 190mm
Height 22mm

Shipping rates are for Metro areas. Additional surcharges will apply for Regional areas.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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