BenQ Piano Light



Create the perfect atmosphere for playing piano with the right light set-up

A beautifully designed lamp to fully illuminate each key on your upright piano. The luminescence levels can reach 300 lux on both sides. Provides you choices of brightness and colour temperature to adjust to the appropriate position. With the built-in ambient light sensor, it automatically detects the surrounding brightness and supplements the right light. The dimmer switch is also available for manual brightness adjustment. Each note on the score shown clearly with your finger nimbly moving across the keys and playing beautiful melody song after song.

Light up every corner of sheet music and every piano key

Unlike normal lamps, BenQ offers exclusive optical design that shines evenly across your entire sheet music, both vertically and horizontally. With automatic dimming, focus on music not lighting
The BenQ PianoLight has a built-in ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts to the illumination level best suited to your environment.


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