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  • BenQ Piano Light

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    Create the perfect atmosphere for playing piano with the right light set-up A beautifully designed lamp to fully illuminate each key on your upright piano. The luminescence levels can reach 300 lux on both sides. Provides you choices of brightness and colour temperature to adjust to the appropriate position. With the built-in ambient light sensor, it…

  • BenQ WiT e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

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    BenQ WiT e-Reading LED Desk Lamp – Feature Packed Reading Light, suited to both reading and screen work. Features: Dual Colour LED – Illuminance: Center Illuminance 1600lux (Height 45cm) – Lighting Coverage (At 500 Lux): 90cm (Width) – Materials: Aluminium Alloy, Engineering Resin, Zinc Alloy – Power Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz – Power Consumption: Max. 18W…