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The Hoolin Ergolife Atom LED desk light is a high quality desk light, suitable for office or home. With a warm light, dimmable brightness and an easy to adjust, flexible arm movement, the Atom is a great light that reduces strain on the eyes. Comes standard with desktop base and clamp attachment. *Base in White*

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With the Ergo-life Atom LED Task light LT3, you get the flexibility to adjust the light to where you need it, at the brightness that suits you, and with a quality of light that make colours incredibly realistic & true to life.


  • Power consumption : 7.5W
  • Input voltage : DC-24V
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Light Source : LED “Osram”
  • Emitting colour : white
  • Colour Rendering Index : Above 90
  • Colour Temperature : 3500K
  • Illumination : 1200lux from a distance of 40cm
  • Electronic dimming
  • Spring counter balance
  • Friction adjustment by Allen key
  • Desk top base and clamp attachment options both included as standard
  • Maximum extended height – 710mm
  • Maximum reach – 610 mm
  • Available in silver or white
Easy to Use:
  • Just touch your finger on the pad for ON-OFF
  • Hold your finger on the pad to dim

Edge Lit LED:  provides a soft even light spread that reduces uneven lighting or dazzle, which normally leads to tired eyes and general eye fatigue.

Excellent sustainability:  Up to 90% lower CO2 emissions compared with conventional incandescent and halogen lamps.

Colour rendering index (CRI): CRI measures how well a lamp makes colours appear. CRI scores light sources from 1 – 100: a high CRI means that the eye can pick up slight variations in colour, making details in an interior appear sharper and more vibrant. *The Atom LED Task Light LT3 series has a CRI index over 90.

Energy efficiency: With a low 7.5W power consumption and long lifespan. Atom LED task lights are a good environmental choice.

Smooth dimming: Smooth electronic dimming ensures superior performance

Even light distribution:  With the customised optics in this task lamp, you get light that is diffused and evenly distributed across your workspace.

Neutral colour temperature: Various findings have pointed out that a cool daylight colour temperature of 3500K and up to 1000 lux promotes concentration by maintaining natural light levels.

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