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The RH Mereo is crafted to improve individual performances and ultimately the performance of the whole workplace. The Mereo 220 Chair is easily adapted for everyone, whatever their size or shape, making it not only your personal chair but also a chair for the wider office. With sleek looks and minimalist expression, the Mereo is a good choice for the modern office environment.

RH Mereo is displayed in our showroom, visit us, try it, and find out all its benefits. 


The Mereo stands out from other ergonomic chairs with its unique 2PP ™ (2 Pivot Points) function. Most chairs will pivot at the centre of the seat, where the gas lift meets the base. The Mereo pivots at the knee and at the hip, creating a smoother more natural movement.

As with most RH chairs, the Mereo has multiple adjustments to allow the chair to fit you perfectly:

  • Seat Height
  • Seat Depth
  • Backrest Angle
  • Backrest Height
  • Lockable Dynamic Tilting
  • Height Adjustable Armrests
  • Adjustable Neckrest

The Mereo is available with medium and high backrests and a multitude of fabrics and colours.

A long-awaited breakthrough in the world of tack chairs. An easy adjustment for you:

RH Mereo 220 Chair is a work tool designed to improve the performances of people and businesses, contributing to your achievements. Although this is quite a statement, this breakthrough in the task chair market – RH Mereo 200 – lives up to all expectations. Innovation and design from any and every angle!. All new engineering! Intuitive functionality! And, of course, Scandinavian quality.

RH Mereo 220 Chair will easily meet your individual needs. Easy adjustments are all it takes. RH Mereo brings active sitting to everyone.

One Chair Fits All

It only takes a small adjustment to fit an RH Mereo 220 to any user; whatever their size or shape. One chair fits everyone in the workplace and will bring active sitting to all.

RH Mereo is tested in accordance with international standards and norms, with excellent results. It is solid, easily upgradable, durable and will improve performance in the workplace for years to come. With RH Mereo 220 you will only need one chair.

It puts you in the perfect work mode


2PP™ refers to two articulation points – pivot points – in your hips and knees. In RH Mereo 200 and 220 chairs, the two action points of the chair correspond perfectly with your pivot points. This helps your body to maintain an upright posture with a natural spine s-curve. This then facilitates a varied and movable sitting position without affecting basic adjustments such as seating, armrests and back height.

With the Mereo’s movement points located near the knee and hip joints, you can sit comfortably reclined with feet on the floor and with good lumbar support, not having to adjust the height of the seat or the backrest. Creating ergonomic dynamics means empowering you with oxygen and energy. Keeping you at your best all day every day!

The Design Challenge

With the Mereo RH Form aimed to design a task chair which gives everyone a sitting experience as though it was individually fitted. Giving ambitious people with long working days the opportunity to benefit from RH’s dynamic ergonomics.

RH Mereo 220 Chair is a contemporary chair to be shared, as often as may be required in today’s movable workplaces. A versatile, useful chair with wide appeal. We are happy to say that RH has succeeded.

RH Mereo is displayed in our showroom, visit us, try it, and find out all its benefits. 

Shipping rates are for Metro areas. Additional surcharges will apply for Regional areas.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Square Back, Standard Back

Fabric Colours

Antigo Black Leather (AGT56100), Black Select (SC60999)


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