Meeting POD

The pioneering concept of the Meeting POD allows you work with maximum focus and minimal distractions.This is a 6-10 person Meeting Pod with the size being 2.4m wide x 3m deep x 2.17 high.

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Meeting POD is perfect for holding meetings, brainstorming sessions, group conversations, as well as a place to rest and rejuvenate away from the disturbance of an open space. Meeting POD is a comfortable and well ventilated space with great acoustic properties, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity. Power and connectivity are seamless, with continuous power supply for your gadgets and direct connection to your office network.

Materials used:

  • Lighting: 18w  12Vdc Recessed LED Strip.

  • High Acoustic Rating – Beautifully designed and using carefully selected materials with the best absorption and isolation performance. TUV-32dB/NIC

  • Structural Strength Wall Detail:  Electro galvanised 1.2mm thick steel – All metal construction

  • Fabric Material:  Polyester Fiber Acoustic Material

  • Fire Rating:  Acoustic Board, Carpet and Polyester Foam Fire Rated

Shipping Dimensions:   2 @ 2380 x 1100 x 1300 (6.8m3) 1300kg

Colours: White, Turquoise, Silver, Black


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