Blotting pad world map


The Desk Protector for Moll Study Tables

To explore the world, you have to get right into the thick of things. With the moll plotting pad, children are introduced to complex subject matter in a playful way and learning content is taught in a child-friendly way. In addition to country flags, there are landmarks and the animals of the world to discover.

For years, the moll world map has been the absolute classic among blotting pads.

*please note the world map countries are written in German, although the map is graphical.

The blotting pads from moll protect the desk and provide a pleasant surface to rest on while writing and drawing. Thanks to non-slip 1.5 mm thick cellular rubber, the desk pad remains non-slip even when the tabletop is slanted.

Width x height: 60 cm x 42 cm


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Moll Boltting Pad – World Map

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