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  • Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and Mouse

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    Description The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo is specially made to handle extended working hours with minimal physical strain. Key Features The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Combo has a split keyboard layout and a cushioned palm rest to provide a comfortable position for your forearms and wrists while you…

  • Contour Balance Keyboard


    The perfect partner. The perfect fit.

    The Balance Keyboard was made specifically for use with the RollerMouse Red, Red plus and Free3. Its adjustable legs and tilt options allow for easy adjustability into negative, neutral, and positive typing angles.

  • Ergoapt Compact Wireless Keyboard

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    A wireless, ergonomic keyboard with full sized keys an aluminium case and rechargeable battery.

  • Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard

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    Previously known as the ‘mouse friendly’ keyboard, the Reduced Reach Keyboard by Evoluent has the numeric keypad uniquely placed on the left side, so that the mouse can be positioned closer on the right. This greatly reduces the reach required for the mouse and offers a more relaxed arm position.

  • Kinesis Split Keyboard Freestyle2

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    The Kinesis Freestyle 2 offers a split keyboard, with a superior feel and functionality. Ideal for those who prefer to key shoulder width apart, or on an angle, the Kinesis simply allows maximum flexibility. And with the optional accessories, you can create the ideal keyboard experience.

  • Kinesis VIP3 Accessory

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    Optional tenting accessories Kinesis Freestyle 2

    For people that are experiencing forearm discomfort two tenting accessories are available to reduce forearm pronation. The VIP3 Pro (with palm supports) and V3 Pro (without palm supports) attach easily to the underside of the Pro keyboard providing 3 easily adjustable slope settings of 5, 10 and 15 degrees.

  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

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    Product Code: LXM-00015
    Work in comfort all day. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard reduces fatigue and delivers a slim, refined design with split keyboard, improved cushioned palm rest and dedicated shortcut keys.