We are now NDIS Registered!

At Ergonomic Solutions Australia, we offer large and varied range of ergonomic office and study furniture, ergonomic equipment and assistive technology solutions. Our aim has been and remains, to support people to achieve their most in vocational and educational pursuits. We have been a trusted partner for many health professionals, rehabilitation providers and end users in the supply of ergonomic furniture and equipment. Whether it is within the workplace, education facility, or for a home office or study solution, we have assisted many customers to set up a functional and independent environment, that supports individual needs and enables users to stay healthy, comfortable and normalize activities that have been a challenge for them in the past.

The past 18 months has seen us receiving an increased number of requests for assistance for NDIS registered clients and therefore we have gone through the process of becoming a registered provider of services under the NDIS. It has been an exciting journey, expanding our collective team knowledge and we have met some amazing advocates along the way.

With an origin in Occupational Therapy and Human Movement Science/ Ergonomics the team behind Ergonomic Solutions have always held independence and health and well being as our core values. Now with the opportunity as an NDIS registered provider, we have the chance to assist a wider range of customers, with less barriers for them to access ergonomic furniture and assistive equipment, to support users in performing essential vocational and educational activities. NDIS allows us to work with clients to ensure they have a broader choice and higher level of independence and control over what they want to achieve. We work directly with self- managed or partner up with the coordinator to apply best practice offerings for client’s decision making.

Our showroom in Crows Nest, Sydney, is fully wheelchair accessible and we welcome clients to visit us. Where this is not possible, we offer online and phone support for all our clients.

A message from our director: ‘It was a great process to go through and truly helps validate what we are here for: to service our customers by enabling choice and independence through an extensive range of tables, chairs and assistive solutions to all ages, conditions and sizes.’

We are excited to ensure we can continue to support needs as they arise and change over time. We look forward to welcoming all our NDIS clients online and in our showroom. 

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