HÅG Capisco Review – What’s the Hype?

The HAG Capisco: A Revolutionary Chair Still Redefining Ergonomic Seating

When it comes to ergonomic chairs, the HAG Capisco stands as an icon, redefining traditional seating with its innovative design and adaptability. Developed by Norwegian company HÅG in collaboration with designer Peter Opsvik, this chair challenges conventional norms, prioritizing both comfort and movement in a single, distinctive package.

We have been recommending the Capisco for more than 20 years now, and still first impressions are that it looks like a futuristic chair. With the addition of the Capisco Puls to the Capisco family back in 2011, the plastic version of the original Capisco, the Capisco is still a popular choice with people looking for a chair outside the standard, and is one of our most popular chairs. But this chair is not for everyone….

Design that Inspires Movement

At first glance, the HAG Capisco might strike one as unconventional due to its saddle-like seat and unique backrest. However, this design is purposeful. It encourages users to sit in various positions, promoting natural movement throughout the day. The saddle seat allows for both forward and backward sitting positions, fostering a healthy posture and engaging different muscle groups. Most importantly the modified saddle (and trust us, this is a modified saddle, because if you look at the seat from the side, it is a flat seat), supports the user sitting with a forward tilted pelvic position, which activates the core and lends itself to the natural curve of the spine, thus relieving compression on the discs.

Customizable Comfort

Customizability is key with the Capisco. With a choice of 3 sizes of gas-lift, the Capisco can be suitable for small children, through to people working at a bar height and everyone in between. The seat has a depth adjustment mechanism (to accommodate different sized people) and versatile backrest enable users to find their optimal sitting position easily, and is not limiting of upper body movement. Whether you prefer a higher or lower seat, or even want to perch or sit sideways, the HAG Capisco accommodates diverse preferences, making it suitable for various work environments. The modified saddle seat is also much less aggressive than a traditional saddle seat, which put pressure of the perineum, where as your weight is evenly distributed on the sitting bones and through your legs with the HAG Capisco, making it a much more comfortable sit.

Sustainability and Durability

Beyond its ergonomic brilliance, the HAG Capisco is also committed to sustainability. Constructed with durable materials and designed for longevity, it’s an eco-conscious choice for those seeking both quality and environmental responsibility in their furniture. The Capisco is one of the lowest carbon impacting commercial chair in the world, with 45kg of CO2 emissions per chair and with 50% of the chair made from recycled materials, HAG are continuously looking to bolster the environmental credentials of their Capisco range.

Versatility in Use

The Capisco transcends the typical office chair, making it a versatile option for different settings. From offices and home workspaces to creative studios or even shared work environments, its adaptability ensures comfort and functionality across various contexts. It is a chair that gets noticed, and you will have people commenting on your chair, whenever they see it. It is individual, and unique, and stands out from the normal.

User Feedback

User reviews often speak volumes about a product’s efficacy, and the Capisco doesn’t disappoint. Many users highlight how it has positively impacted their posture, reduced discomfort associated with prolonged sitting, and enhanced their overall productivity by promoting active sitting. The Capisco and Capisco Puls come into their own when a user has disc issues in the lumbar spine, with the chair reducing pressure on discs, through its saddle like sitting position. If you want an interesting review from a user, check out Joe Rogan (Former UFC fighter and You Tuber – Just ask your kids who he is – please ignore his language, its just how he speaks) who talks about the Capisco decompressing your spine. And although the Capisco doesn’t exactly decompress your spine, it helps to reduce compression of your discs by promoting your vertebrae sitting in alignment.

Final Thoughts

The HAG Capisco stands as a testament to ergonomic innovation (almost 40 years after its release), challenging the status quo of traditional seating. Its unconventional yet purposeful design encourages movement, prioritizes comfort, and offers unparalleled customization, making it a standout choice for those seeking a chair that aligns with their dynamic work style and prioritizes their physical well-being.

In conclusion, the HAG Capisco isn’t just a chair; it’s a lifestyle choice—one that promotes healthier sitting habits, encourages movement, and ultimately contributes to a more comfortable and productive work experience. As an Occupational Therapist with 20+ experience in ergonomics, this is still an incredibly innovative chair, which reduces lower back strain and improves posture across the thoracic and cervical spine. It is one we definitely recommend that you try in store before you purchase, as it is very different to what you have tried before.

So, going back to one of my first comments, the Capisco is not for everyone. Of all the chairs that we recommend and sell, it is the one that we think you should try before you buy. It can be a physically challenging chair, but one that will reward your body if you utilise its vast ergonomic benefits. Come and try the Capisco and the Capisco Puls in store today in a range of fabric, leather and exclusive finishes, and begin your journey to better sitting.

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