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  • Orga Set

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    Creates order on the children’s desk The practical Orga Set from moll is just the right utensil for a tidy desk. Due to the large number of small subdivisions, writing and painting materials are always tidy in the drawer or can also be placed on the desk in the set. Particularly practical is the integrated…

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    moll Champion Panel

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    The panel is the back wall for all those who like to have their notes ready. The assembly is very easy: the panel is simply hooked directly to the base via two beams.

    Dimensions: 120×20 x 6 cm


  • Cable-Butler

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    Need a hand to keep cables tidy? moll has your back.

    The cable butler fights against the cable tangle on the desk. The cable butler is clamped to the tabletop and ensures that the cable mess is a thing of the past and order on the desk.

    With 4 slots for charge cables, laptop and av cables, the cable clutter will be a thing of the past.